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What’s a hardware tools kit without a selection of screw varieties in it? Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC is UAE’s top manufacturer and supplier of screws. Designed and created using the best materials – steel, iron, zinc, nickel, etc – we also specialize in custom-made screws production to help clients meet their hardware requirements to the T. Regardless of the project size, there is no cap on the size of orders that we can take. We are always watching market trends, and that’s why we ensure that our screws inventory is well-populated at all times.

Our designers and technical craftsmen ensure that the product quality of all our screw varieties is at par with international standards of quality, performance, and endurance. If you want screws to tighten your projects, we got them!


Whatever the size and scale of your hardware supplies requirements, Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC can assist you in procuring the best!

CSK Machine Screw

Grub Screws

Gypsum Screw

Machine Screw

Machine Screw

Self Tapping Screws

Button Head SKT Screws

Coach Screws

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