Nuts Product

We are recognized as UAE’s leading vendor for high-quality and high-performing nuts. Engineered using the best materials and tools, you can trust our nuts’ varieties to add more strength and tenacity in your building and construction projects. We have a complete line of fastening nuts including cage nuts, castle nuts, coupling nuts, pal nuts, and rivet nuts.

In addition to being very affordable, our nuts and fasteners are multi-purpose and are handy in diverse applications, and fit for projects of all sizes and budgets.


Whatever the size and scale of your hardware supplies requirements, Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC can assist you in procuring the best!

Castle Nuts

Cage Nuts

Coupling Nuts

Pal Nuts

Rivet Nuts

Done Nut

Flange Nut

Hexagon Nut

Nylock Nut

Spring Nut

Square Nut

Teeth Nut

Thin Nut

Wing Nuts

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