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Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC is a robust maker and seller of high-quality cranes/pulleys in Dubai. Owing to our long-standing market presence and experience with different industries in the country, we have studious and successfully invented a range of innovative manual and automatic cranes/pulleys. All our lifting products and supplies are at par with international standards of quality and safety.

Our cranes/pulleys are fitted with facilities and features that guarantee smooth operability and long-term durability. We have electric hoists, manual hoists, electric chain hoists. What’s more, our cranes/pulleys are best-selling items because they trouble-free performance and services.

We source the finest raw materials and use the latest manufacturing tools and technologies to design and produce high-tech and authentic cranes/pulleys that are well-matched to client needs and expectations. With us, you can be confident of being supplied with lifting equipment that is well-suited for all kinds of lifting activities.


Whatever the size and scale of your hardware supplies requirements, Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC can assist you in procuring the best!

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