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Castor Wheels Product

Our castor wheel products deliver improved mobility in all environments. We specialize in the design, development, manufacturing, and selling of unique and innovative castor products of the highest quality. Using the best raw materials and techniques, our crew of skilled technicians works dedicatedly to produce castor wheels that comply with international standards of performance and safety. The start-to-finish processes take place at our manufacturing facility in the UAE. Our castor wheel products are a must-buy because we ensure that the manufacturing quality endows the castor wheels with superb mobility, and require minimal repair and maintenance.

Moreover, because of the in-house manufacturing, we can customize castor wheel colors and designs as well as fast-track production processes to meet bulk orders on tight deadlines; and there is no compromise on quality – come what may! Our castor wheel products live up to the promise of product consistency and are attached with a long-term warranty.


Whatever the size and scale of your hardware supplies requirements, Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC can assist you in procuring the best!

Yellow Castor Wheel

Steel Castor Wheel

Red Castor Wheel

Green Castor Wheel

Black Castor Wheel

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