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Welcome to Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC’s official website. We are pioneers of hardware consumables and astute practitioners of product innovation and customer service. We strive to bring to market hardware solutions that are well-researched, of the best quality, and in-demand. Founded and established in the 1980s, Al Humaidi Trading Enterprise LLC has been one of the fastest-evolving hardware businesses in the UAE. We pride ourselves for pioneering the hardware supplies category as we have skilled expertise in providing our customers with innovative, high-tech, and cutting edge products. We primarily trade fasteners and building materials. Additionally, we have also forayed in manufacturing. In recent years, we have become the leading hardware supplier in the manufacturing and supply industry. Our specialty products include Aluminum Ladders, Castor Wheels, and we have the largest stockpiles of standard and special fasteners, pulleys, and other in-demand hardware products and accessories.

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We CREATE Right Products with BEST Solution

We are always in the committed pursuit of populating our products’ portfolio with innovative and high-performance hardware consumables. At present, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of castor wheels, aluminum ladders, fasteners, pulleys, and an assortment of other widely-used hardware goods and accessories. We have strong ties with brands such as EVEREST LADDERS which is our primary source for ladders that are highly reliable, lightweight, practical, storage-friendly, and ergonomic. Not to mention they rate very high in terms of safety and convenience. Our team of skilled specialist designers and technicians come together to create and deliver custom-made products that perform as per customer specifications and expectations. Our brand has successfully penetrated the markets because we focus equally on product excellence, product quality, and quantity.


We are a reliable name in premium castor wheels design and manufacturing. Our castor wheel manufacturing uses the latest tools and technologies and is in line with international quality and safety standards.


Built with the best-quality aluminum alloy, our lineup of aluminum ladders are finest-rated in terms of design, construction, usage, durability, and safety. We have dual purpose ladders, single ladders, extension ladders, ‘A’ type domestic ladders, and double-sided ladders.


Our stock of fasteners includes cage nuts, castle nuts, coupling nuts, pal nuts, and rivet nuts. We are open to customizing fasteners as per client requirements and producing them accordingly.

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